About Me

Retirement has allowed me to pursue figure drawing as a fine artist. The influence of graphic design is evident in the placement of poses and limited color palette. I have always been pulled to the simplicity and complexity of the human figure. I attempt to capture a pose quickly and fluently. The figure is so personal, so close, I am so very aware of its image, yet I shun realism. Too obvious.

Expanding my view to create an ideal of the figure is much more appealing. I strive to interpret the figure and perfect the mood of the pose while conscientiously trying to create a well-designed work of graphic art.

I learned from master figure artist Harry Carmean and master anatomical artist Burne Hogarth; as well as painters Dan McCaw, Lorrie Madden and Peter Liashkov; illustrators Antonio Lopez and Bill Rieser. Dawn Emerson and Pat Clark are a more recent influences.